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Application of induction heating equipment

  • quenching
  • High frequency quenching equipment is suitable for quenching and tempering of parts such as shaft, gear and disc
  • brazing process
  • High frequency brazing machine is widely used for welding steel, copper, stainless steel, superalloy and other steel shapes
  • smelting
  • Medium frequency melting furnace is suitable for the heating smelting of metals such as steel, stainless steel, iron, copper, brass, gold, silver, aluminum, combined gold and precious metals
  • annealing
  • Automatic online annealing machine is suitable for weld annealing, wire, pipe and sheet light annealing after welding pipe, and stainless steel vessels
  • hot forging
  • The medium frequency forging furnace has heated the workpiece to a certain temperature, and the pressure is applied to the billet to make the plastic deformation and change the mechanical properties
  • induction heating
  • The method of electromagnetic induction is used to generate a current current in the interior of the heated material, relying on the energy of these vortices for the purpose of heating
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    Guangzhou post network equipment co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as: Guangzhou post), established in 2003, is Guangzhou high-tech enterprise, Guangzhou professional power manufacturers, is the inverter, energy storage power, welding power, heating power, electroplating, high voltage power supply of development, production, sales and other kinds of business in one of the professional company.

    Heating power supply, composed of many senior personnel engaged in induction heating industry, heat treatment industry, smelting industry, set research and development, design, production, sales, service, can be designed according to the needs of customers, manufacture various types of induction quenching equipment, heat treatment equipment, metal smelting equipment, non-standard automation equipment, etc., to meet the needs of customers in the actual production.At the same time, according to the different voltage levels in different countries, the corresponding input voltage induction heating equipment and automation equipment were developed.

    We develop medium frequency, high frequency, super audio, ultra high frequency induction heating equipment and supporting automation equipment, metal processing, hardware, home appliances, plumbing, cooling, automobile, communication, medical equipment, weapons, heat heating problems for many users, passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, formed a complete quality management system (raw material procurement, material management, product manufacturing and quality control, production technology and equipment management, product storage and transportation, etc.).Strictly implement the business policy of "leading technology, reliable quality, satisfactory service, customer first".

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              Effect of high-frequency brazing

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            • How should the IF furnace check the equipment?
            • 1. The staff shall check the furnace lining before the furnace starts every day. In the furnace situation, if furnace drilling iron is found, the furnace should be opened in time and repair the oven again:
              2. The staff shall check the electrical cooling water pipe joint before transmitting power to the medium electric melting furnace.Whether the furnace body cooling water pipe joint is leaking or packaged, when this phenomenon occurs, the maintenance personnel should be timely notified for repair or replacement;
              3. Check the cooling water water pressure and oil pump oil pressure in the furnace body or electrical appliances before daily power transmission. The water pressure of each waterway and oil pump oil shall meet the equipment requirements:
              4. The staff shall also check the furnace body for water leakage, leakage of the furnace lining material, adsorption of impurities and other phenomena, and the problems should be dealt with in time before opening the furnace.
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            • What is annealing?
            • * Annealing is to reduce the metal hardness to reduce the tissue defects of the metal less portable to crack tendency.
              * Annealing in the various stainless steel industries.Such as stainless steel basin, can of annealing stretching, annealing coil edge and sink of annealing, stainless steel pipe, stainless steel tableware, stainless steel cup, etc.:
              * Annealing of various other metal artifacts.Such as golf head, club, copper lock head, hardware and copper fittings, kitchen knife handle, knife knife blade, aluminum pot aluminum bucket, aluminum radiator, and all kinds of aluminum products.
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            • Where is the application of welding?
            • Welding (brazing, silver welding, copper welding) it is mainly heated to melt the welding material to a certain temperature, so as to rain the same material of rain or different materials of metal together, the specific applications are as follows:

              1. Welding of various hardware tools: welding of diamond tools, grinding tools, drills, alloy saws, carbide lathe knives, milling tools, hinges, plane cutters, woodworking drills, etc:
              2. Welding of various hardware and machinery accessories: hardware and sanitary ware products, refrigeration and copper accessories, lighting accessories, precision mold accessories, hardware pull hand egg beater, alloy steel and steel, steel and copper, copper and copper, etc
              Silver welding or copper welding of the same metals or different metals
              3. Welding of composite pot bottom is mainly used for three layers of round, square and other heterogeneous plane stainless steel pot bottom and aluminum sheet, and can also be used for other metal plane brazing:
              4. Heat plate welding of electric kettle (electric coffee pot) is mainly used for brazing between stainless steel flat bottom, aluminum sheet and electric heat pipe of various shapes.

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