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  • High-frequency heaters have common faults
  • 2021/10/25
  • How to operate the high-frequency heating equipment
    First of all, we should understand what the indicator light on the main control cabinet panel of the high-frequency induction heating equipment means, such as power supply, work, overcurrent, excessive pressure, water pressure, water temperature, and lack of equal protection functions.Power supply: when the red light is on, the equipment enters the waiting working state, and when the green light is on, the equipment is operating normally.
    First, Overcurrent: there are several situations generally over:
    1. Short circuit between sensor.Sensor inductance is too large;
    * Equipment circuit board is damp;
    *. Bad drive board;
    * The IGBT module is bad;
    *. Transformer ignition and other fault causes overcurrent.
    Ii. Overpressure:
    * High grid voltage (general industrial power range between 360-420V);
    * Equipment circuit board is broken (the voltage stabilizing diode needs to be replaced).
    Three, water pressure:
    * Insufficient pump pressure (shaft wear caused by long pump operation);
    * The water pressure meter is broken.
    Iv. Water temperature:
    * High water temperature (generally set temperature is 45 degrees);
    * Cooling water pipe is blocked.
    Five short phase:
    * Three-phase incoming line lacks phase;
    * The phase protection circuit board is bad.

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