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Guangzhou post network equipment co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as: Guangzhou post), established in 2003, is Guangzhou high-techenterprise, Guangzhou professional power manufacturers, is the inverter, energy storage power, welding power, heating power, electroplating, high voltage power supply of development, production, sales and other kinds of business in one of the professional company.


Heating power supply, composed of many senior personnel engaged in induction heating industry, heat treatment industry, smelting industry, set research and development, design, production, sales, service, can be designed according to the needs of customers, manufacture various types of induction quenching equipment, heat treatment equipment, metal smelting equipment, non-standard automation equipment, etc., to meet the needs of customers in the actual production.At the same time, according to the different voltage levels in different countries, the corresponding input voltage induction heating equipment and automation equipment were developed.

We develop medium frequency, high frequency, super audio, ultra high frequency induction heating equipment and supporting automation equipment, metal processing, hardware, home appliances, plumbing, cooling, automobile, communication, medical equipment, weapons, heat heating problems for many users, passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, formed a complete quality management system (raw material procurement, material management, product manufacturing and quality control, production technology and equipment management, product storage and transportation, etc.).Strictly implement the business policy of "leading technology, reliable quality, satisfactory service, customer first".


As a professional power supply manufacturer, we will win the trust of more customers with good reputation and high-quality service.We will welcome the new day with a more confident, professional dedication, integrity and innovative spirit!


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