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  • High-frequency brazing machine for correct repair and maintenance
  • 2021/10/25
  • Correct maintenance and maintenance of high frequency brazing machine can ensure good working performance and long life. Specific maintenance and maintenance of high frequency brazing machine is as follows:
    1. After the work of each shift, remove the equipment: the air gun to blow dry the beads, remove the dust and debris on the platform, and ensure that the equipment is clean and tidy.
    2. Water cooling requirements: water cooling is very important to the induction heating equipment, and the water quality is poor, which will cause rust and scale in the equipment. Pipeline blockage, will directly cause damage to the equipment, and can not work normally.
    3. It is not strictly heated when the coil is not connected to water, otherwise the coil may burn out. The power supply also burns out due to the empty load.
    4. Recommended cooling water is: distilled water- -softening water- -pure water- -filtered tap water.
    5. No prohibited cooling water: sea water. saline water. Unfiltered river water and well water.
    6. Recommended water supply method: closed circulating water supply + water-cooled but heat exchanger.
    7. Input voltage three-phase 380V (three-phase five-line power supply).
    8. After the power supply, the power supply is prohibited. All input and output joints of the transformer to avoid safety accidents.
    9. When repairing the equipment, the air switch and the external master switch must be turned off, and the shutdown of the water equipment should avoid putting the equipment in the sun exposure, rain, wet and other environment.
    10. Maintenance maintenance shall be carried out by professional personnel.
    11. When not turn on the control box, do not turn on the power supply to avoid safety accidents.
    12. When the work is over, turn off the power supply of the control box first, and then stop the water after 15 minutes to avoid damage to the power supply.
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