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  • Integrated forging furnace
  • Model : YKF-45

    power: 45KW

    Scope of application: suitable for the heating of copper rod, iron rod, aluminum rod, etc

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    Applied range

    1. Suitable for heat transmission of copper rods, iron rods and aluminum rods:

    2. Continuous heat transmission of round rod material, square material or other shaped wool bad materials:

    3. Overall heating can be heated or locally, such as end heating, middle part heating, etc:


    technical parameter:

    1. Workbench + heat transmission sensor + feeding mechanism + heating power supply + compensation capacitive box;

    2. According to different application requirements, it may also include infrared thermometer, temperature controller, feeding delivery, rolling material and other devices;

    3. Customizable to your needs; pin your special process needs and efficiently provide effective solutions to fully meet your needs

    Specification and heating capacity:



    1. Ultra-small volume, mobile, covering an area of only 0.6 square meters:

    2. Convenient use with any forging, rolling equipment and manipulator:

    3. Installation, commissioning and operation is very convenient, and you will learn immediately:

    4. It can be heated to the required temperature in a very short time, greatly reducing the metal oxidation, saving material and improving the forging quality:

    5. Can work 24 hours, uniform heat transmission and faster:

    6. Environmental protection, meet the environmental requirements, and avoid the trouble of environmental protection inspection;

    7. Power saving, compared with silicon controllable medium frequency, is not only small in volume, convenient in maintenance, but also can save 15-20% of power;

    8. Convenient replacement of the furnace body to meet the different requirements of overall rod heating or end heating:

    Equipment work pictures:

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