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  • Application of conductive magnet in induction heating equipment
  • 2021/10/25
  • Conductor magnet in induction heating treatment whether inner hole quenching or long inner hole quenching, there are mature processes, conventional high frequency quenching equipment products, typical examples, but the conductive magnet in induction heating heat treatment is as follows: 1. About induction heating: induction heating makes the internal current is vortex, relying on the vortex energy to achieve the purpose of heating.It is mainly used for metalworking, heat treatment, welding, and smelting.In recent years, with the continuous improvement of induction heating theory and the continuous development of induction heating equipment, the application field and scope of induction heating are also constantly expanding.At present, induction heating technology has been widely used in machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, national defense aerospace, automobile manufacturing, teaching, scientific research and many other fields, mainly used in black and non-ferrous smelting casting, heat forging, heat treatment, welding, sintering and other aspects of ferrous metal materials.

    2. About the conductive magnets

    A conducting magnet, also known as a magnetic field concentrator, is a laminated or block element made of a magnetic material.According to the different frequency of the induction heating equipment, it can be divided into medium frequency conductor magnet and high frequency conductor magnet.(About induction heating medium frequency conductor magnet, high frequency conduction magnets and conductor magnet you can consult to our wide source frequency conversion induction heating equipment factory) using conductor magnet design sensor heating with its high heating efficiency, fast speed, good controllability, mechanization, automation, has been widely used in smelting, casting, bending pipe, heat forging, welding and surface heat treatment industries.It is to make the workpiece surface produce a certain induction current, quickly heating the part surface to achieve the surface of rapid heating, and even heat melting effect.

    Induction brazing: The application effect of the induction magnet in the induction brazing process is very remarkable, which can make the induction power concentrated in the required area, shielding the induction effect of other positions, so as to improve the efficiency of the induction system.

    Induction quenching: conductive magnets are widely used in induction quenching.Add a conductive magnet on the quenching sensor, using the slot effect of the conductive magnet, can adjust the current on the sensor, to apply more power to the required heating parts, reduce the workpiece distortion and oxidation, improve productivity, play the role of concentrated energy saving and efficiency, especially on the inner hole and plane heating sensor, the effect is very significant.

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