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  • Characteristics and principle of induction heating power supply
  • 2021/10/26
  • Induction heating power supply has the highest heating efficiency, the fastest speed for metal materials, and low consumption and environmental protection.It has been widely used in the thermal processing, heat processing, thermal assembly, welding and smelting of metal materials.The induction heating power supply consists of two parts, one part is the AC power supply, also known as the frequency conversion power supply; the other part is the induction coil, called the sensor.

    operational principle:

    Induction heating is the use of electromagnetic induction to generate the internal current of the heated material, relying on the energy of these vortices for heating purposes.The basic components of the induction heating system include induction coils, an AC power supply, and a workpiece.And the coil can be made into different shapes, depending on the heating object.The coil is connected to the power supply which provides the alternating current to the coil through the coil generates an alternating magnetic field through the workpiece which generates the vortex to heat.Simply put, it is to produce alternating current, thus produce alternating magnetic field, reuse to produce vortex to achieve the heating effect.


    does not need to be overall heating, small artifact deformation and small power consumption:


    has fast heating speed and less decarbonization of artifact surface:

    The surface quenching layer can be adjusted as needed and easy to control:

    induction heating equipment can be installed on the machining production line, easy to achieve mechanization and automation and easy management, and can reduce transportation, save manpower, improve production efficiency:

    Martenite is fine and has high hardness, strength and toughness:

    After quenching the surface of , the surface has large compression internal stress and high fatigue breaking resistance.Induction heating heat treatment also has some drawbacks.Compared to the flame quenching, the induction heating equipment is more complex and less adaptable, which is difficult to guarantee quality for some artifacts with complex shapes:

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