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  • Where is the application of welding?
  • 2021/11/1
  • Welding (brazing, silver welding, copper welding) it is mainly heated to melt the welding material to a certain temperature, so as to rain the same material of rain or different materials of metal together, the specific applications are as follows:

    1. Welding of various hardware tools: welding of diamond tools, grinding tools, drills, alloy saws, carbide lathe knives, milling tools, hinges, plane cutters, woodworking drills, etc:
    2. Welding of various hardware and machinery accessories: hardware and sanitary ware products, refrigeration and copper accessories, lighting accessories, precision mold accessories, hardware pull hand egg beater, alloy steel and steel, steel and copper, copper and copper, etc
    Silver welding or copper welding of the same metals or different metals
    3. Welding of composite pot bottom is mainly used for three layers of round, square and other heterogeneous plane stainless steel pot bottom and aluminum sheet, and can also be used for other metal plane brazing:
    4. Heat plate welding of electric kettle (electric coffee pot) is mainly used for brazing between stainless steel flat bottom, aluminum sheet and electric heat pipe of various shapes.
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