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  • How should the IF furnace check the equipment?
  • 2021/11/3
  • 1. The staff shall check the furnace lining before the furnace starts every day. In the furnace situation, if furnace drilling iron is found, the furnace should be opened in time and repair the oven again:
    2. The staff shall check the electrical cooling water pipe joint before transmitting power to the medium electric melting furnace.Whether the furnace body cooling water pipe joint is leaking or packaged, when this phenomenon occurs, the maintenance personnel should be timely notified for repair or replacement;
    3. Check the cooling water water pressure and oil pump oil pressure in the furnace body or electrical appliances before daily power transmission. The water pressure of each waterway and oil pump oil shall meet the equipment requirements:
    4. The staff shall also check the furnace body for water leakage, leakage of the furnace lining material, adsorption of impurities and other phenomena, and the problems should be dealt with in time before opening the furnace.
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