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  • Quenched high-frequency induction heating equipment
  • Model: TD-II90AB


    Frequency: 20-50KHZ

    Voltage: 3-phase 380V 50 / 60HZ

    Induction heating equipment-An energy-saving, environment-efficient heating technology that can heat instantly in a non-contact state

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    Applied range

    * Handle the parts such as step wheel and shaft:

    * Steel wire continuous annealing, tableware heating hot pressure molding standard parts heating forging pressure molding:


    Induction heating principle:

    1. Through the induction heating principle, the magnetic beam is generated by flowing to the rolled into a coil conductor (usually copper tube), where the metal is placed and the magnetic beam will pass through the metal body. The eddy current (rotation current) is generated in the direction paid to the magnetic beam. The induction current generates heating under the influence of the vortex. Such a heating mode * is the induction heating.

    2. Simply put: generating current on metal objects can be * heated in a non-contact state.With such a principle in the necessary heating body necessary to achieve instant heating effect, because, this heating mode has extremely high efficiency, so that the production volume, workload are increased.


    How to distinguish between the induction heating frequency:

    Select the power supply according to the power and frequency, the higher the frequency, the shallower the heating depth, the lower the frequency, the better the heat permeability

    * High-frequency frequency range: 30-80 kHz

    * UHF frequency range: 200-1100 kHz

    * Medium frequency frequency range: 1-20 kHz

    * Super-audio frequency range: 20-50 kHz

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