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  • TD-GY20HP chiller
  •  Model: TD-GY20HP chiller

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    1、Induction heating power in normal work, the working current is usually up to hundreds of amp, thousands of amp or even thousands of amp, due to work loss, silicon control, capacitor and other devices, will produce a lot of heat, if no timely cooling or cooling effect is poor, the temperature of electrical components will rise sharply to the limit temperature and burn out, capacitor will also cause heat breakdown short circuit, so the cooling system to cool the induction heating equipment.


     1. Choose a high-quality compressor, built-in safety protection, low noise, power saving and durability, and long life.

    2. Convenient installation and maintenance, covers a small area, and is suitable for special occasions such as large temperature difference.

    3. Air-cooled condenser, with high heat exchange efficiency.

    4. Strong oxygen tightness, eliminate the phenomenon of refrigerant leakage, especially suitable for areas with water shortage or high water hardness.

    5. Configure a precision electronic temperature controller to accurately control the water temperature within 5~25 degrees.

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