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  • Melting gold furnace
  • model:YK-RJ


    Melting gold furnace: graphite crucible is generally used for melting: copper, aluminum, silver, gold and other metals

    Magnesium sand-like for melting: iron and stainless steel, and metals with higher melting points

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    Applied range

    1. The gold melting furnace shall be used in the heating and smelting of steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum, aluminum alloy, gold, silver and other metal materials:

    2. Melting amount is obtained from 3KG * 500KG:


    Photo: Graphite crucible


    1. Melt furnace is divided into 3 kinds: dumping type smelting furnace, top-out type melting furnace and fixed type medium-frequency melting furnace:
    2. Dumping smelting furnace: it can be divided into mechanical dumping furnace, electric dumping furnace and hydraulic dumping furnace
    3. According to different application requirements, infrared thermometer can be equipped with thermometer, thermocontroller and other devices:
    4.Customizable to your needs; can pin your special process needs to efficiently provide effective solutions that fully meet your needs.
    1. Ultra-small volume, mobile, covering an area of only 0.6 square meters:
    2. Convenient replace the furnace body with different weights, different materials and different starting methods to meet various smelting requirements:
    3. Installation, commissioning and operation is very convenient, and you will learn immediately:
    4. Can work 24 hours uninterrupted, melting evenly and faster:
    5. Environmental protection, meet environmental requirements, and avoid the trouble of environmental inspection:
    6. Power saving, compared with silicon controllable medium frequency, it is not only small in volume, convenient in maintenance, but also can save 15-20% of electricity:
    7. With electromagnetic stirring effect, is conducive to melting metal temperature and tissue uniformity, conducive to slag, reduce impurities:
    8. The medium frequency smelting furnace is small in volume, light in weight, with the smelting volume ranging from a few kilograms to hundreds of kilograms, which can choose from a large range, suitable for factory production, but also suitable for small smelting use in schools and research institutes;

    Equipment picture:

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